frequently asked questions

Q- If I have a criminal background, will you still hire me?
A- Top Notch has clients that will accept a criminal background and others that won't.  Top Notch will work for you to find a job at our clients who will accept your background. 
Q- Does it cost me anything to work through Top Notch?
Top Notch never charges hiring or application fees to our applicants or workers.  Withholdings from your check will still occur, which may include FICA and Medicare taxes, income taxes, child support, IRS wage garnishments, etc.  If you quit a job quickly or "no show" after we place you on it, you may be responsible for reimbursing Top Notch for the cost of a drug test if you took one, as well as the criminal background check and/or unreturned equipment.
Q- How often should I check in for work, once I have completed my application?
A- You should call or come by one of our offices at least every other day to let us know you are still available for work.  Top Notch typically receives new job orders on a daily basis, and when we get them we will often look first to our applicants who are checking in with us to show availability.
Q- Can I check in or apply by sending you an online message?
A- Not at this time, although there is an official online application HERE.  You must complete the online apcome by the office in order to apply, or call or come by to check in.  Sending only e-mail or messages on social media will not make you eligible.
Q- What benefits does Top Notch offer its workers?
A- You are eligible to purchase two varieties of health insurance when you get a job with Top Notch.  One is compliant with the Affordable Care Act MEC guidelines, and the other is a less expensive, Fixed Indemnity plan that also includes options for dental, vision, life, and short term disability insurance.  If you work for Top Notch for over one year and meet minimum accrued hours requirements, you will receive an annual one-week paid bonus as well as paid holidays.  Employees can check our policy manual for a list of paid holidays.  
Q- What documents do I need to present in order for Top Notch to hire me? 
A- You can bring any I-9 List A document or combination of one List B and one list C document that certify your eligibility to work in the United States.  For more details on which documents are acceptable and why they must be presented for employment, please visit the I-9 Central webpage: .
Q- What companies does Top Notch hire for? Will I be their employee?
A- All of our clients' identities are confidential until hire.  This is to protect the privacy of our clients as well as our business interests. Once you have accepted a job, we will let you know which company it is for.  
When we hire you for a temporary or temp-to-hire job, you become an employee of Top Notch only.  If the job is a temp to hire, you will have the opportunity to eventually become an employee of the client company, at which point you would receive any benefits they have to offer. 
Q- How does Top Notch decide who to hire, and when?
A- When Top Notch receives an order from our clients, we fill the order with the best matched candidates that we can find as quickly as possible.  There are multiple factors that determine who is hired when, including the client's  specifications, applicants' qualifications and specifications, etc. Criminal background, education, certification requirements, work experience, history, & abilities, professionalism, and recent availability may all play a role in our ability to match you to a job more quickly.  

Q - How can using Top Notch save my company time and money?

A - As a business owner or manager, you know the cost and headaches that come from managing and paying for labor all too well.  Consider the following costs and stress factors that are alleviated when you use a staffing agency:


Employment Taxes

Workers Comp Insurance

Payroll processing

Drug Screens

Clerical / Skills Testing

Safety films / training

Background Checks

Payroll processing

Advertising for workers

Hiring and interview process

Exit counseling

Affordable Care Act compliance and reporting

Labor Law compliance

Handling injury paperwork and follow ups / compliance

E-Verify Option


Q - What makes Top Notch unique from other staffing agencies?

A - The main two words that come to mind here are EXPERIENCE and PRICING.  Top Notch is a regional firm which has been in business in Texas since 1995, has employed around 40,000 people, and has interviewed many, many more.  It is family owned and operated by native Texans who have grown up and lived here for all of their lives.   When you use Top Notch to screen your workers, you are getting over 22 years of hiring experience in the region in which we operate, and an agency that knows the local workforce like no other.   Additionally, we are no-nonsense, efficient operators and are able to keep our costs of overhead and insurance low to the point that we can meet or beat competitor pricing in almost every situation. 

Q - How long does it take you to fill an order for people?

A - For general labor orders, Top Notch will do everything possible to fill the order before leaving the office that day. For orders of large quantities of people it may take a bit longer.   For orders requiring special testing, or specially skilled workers, it may also take longer.  If so, it is our policy to contact you regularly to advise you of progress in filling your order.