Once you REQUEST A QUOTE , a Top Notch sales representative will give you a call and ask a few questions about your company and the jobs that you would like our help with filling. We will then prepare a brief proposal tailored specifically for your company. At your request, the Top Notch representative(s) will visit you at your place of business to discuss the quote, or if you like, the proposal can be emailed to you and discussed by phone. Inside the proposal there will be a single page "Understanding of Services" which will summarize the terms of our agreement. There will also be a table showing the Top Notch billing rates, which are guaranteed for one year from the date of our proposal. At your option, your legal team may prepare a more detailed contract which Top Notch management will review, propose any needed clarification or changes, and sign.  Our quotes are always "no obligation" and of course free of charge.


Once our quote is accepted, Top Notch will search our pool of applicants for workers which fit your company's hiring criteria, and will either select workers and send them directly to your jobsite at the agreed start time, or, if you prefer, will send workers to your jobsite for preliminary interviews, whereby you may select workers from a pool of applicants.


Most companies choose to use our workers on a "temp to perm" basis, whereby they work them for a minimum 320 hour probationary period, after which they may be hired directly with no fees. Some use a much longer probationary period, often as much as a year or more. A few choose to hire workers on a "direct hire" basis, foregoing any probationary period, for which Top Notch charges a one-time flat fee.

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